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ELIZABETHAN CHEST - geometric shapes fashionable on furniture through the sixteenth century - old hard oak with ancient worm holes - I can only imagine the changing fashions and items those drawers have seen for over 400 years, and now it is a time to hold your menus ..1597 MANUSCRIPT WITH THE GREAT SEAL OF QUEEN ELIZABETH 1 - One of only a handful in existence, as carved by Nicholas Hilliard, and used exclusively by the Queen on matters of great importance.- scholarship rights had to be granted to the British Museum - Her Majesty's Government did insist after all - perhaps the scholars can enjoy a pint of old speckled hen and a signature burger, whilst at their studies.1675 FIRST ENGLISH NEWSPAPER - The London Gazette, bringing news from around Europe, speaking of Armarda's and Men of War Galleons, of Banquets attended by persons of quality and the first advert, which was a lost and found for a little dog !15.75 A GATHERING OF DRUNKEN SHRIMP over TOMATO & ASPARAGUS RISOTTOVodka marinated large shrimp, chili dusted, sautéed in olive oil, garlic, herbs & lemon, with a balsamic pomegranate reduction served over a 'Back Forty' Risotto with Asparagus and Tomato, featuring Arethusa Dairy farmers cheese 22WHITE HORSE SEAFOOD BAKEClams, mussels, shrimp, salmon, calamari, onions, corn, potatoes, garlic and fennel with a touch of pernod and lots of white wine, baked in an iron crock and served with garlic toast 22.50ADD: 3 SEA SCALLOPS..6 - 5oz LOBSTER TAIL..8 - SPICY ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE..3 SLOW ROASTED SALMONHoney & coriander glazed, served with an almond basil pesto and topped with an avocado salsa, served with parmesan orzo 19.75 CAVATAPPI PASTAwith Broccoli Rabe & Sweet Sausage, olive oil, garlic, herbs, parmesan 17.25 (Vegetarian option with Broccoli Rabe, Sun dried Tomatoes, Cauliflower florets, Asparagus, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, olive oil, garlic, parmesan 16.75) VEGETABLE KORMAmild and flavorful vegetarian curry, with its beginnings in the 16th century Maharajas Palace, served with basmati rice, naan bread and chutney 17.50 VEGETABLE POT PIE Peas, carrots, celery, butternut squash, sweet potato, green beans, sweet potato, onions, baked with a savory white wine vegetable broth under a golden pastry crust 16WILD MUSHROOM RAVIOLItossed with diced tomatoes, onions, black olives, fresh basil and garlicin a sage brown butter truffle sauce, topped with fire roasted red peppers 16.75 SIDES - .50British fries - Sweet potato fries - Crispy fried thin onion rings - Mashed potatoes - Garlic sauteed spinach - Crispy Brussel Sprouts - Steamed or Sauteed Vegetable mix Additional for: Truffle Mac & Cheese - Tomato or Asparagus Risotto KIDS MENU 6.75BANGER AND MASHMINI CHICKEN POT PIE with a potato puff crust FISH AND CHIPSAMAZING WHITE HORSE CHICKEN CRUNCH & CHIPSGRILLED CHEESE AND CHIPSCHEESEBURGER AND CHIPSMAC AND THREE CHEESETHREE CHEESE QUESADILLAPLEASE ASK IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE OUR DEDICATED - VEGETARIAN - GLUTEN FREE - VEGAN and CHILDREN'S PLOW TO PLATE MENU All desserts are hand made daily in house ROYAL MELTING CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE CAKE - 8just oozing warm Belgian chocolate served with golden vanilla ice cream BANOFFI PIE - 6an English dessert, favored by the Palace, a banana, toffee, cream pie kind of thing, that is delicious GRAND DUCHESS STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING - 7served warm and draped in a buttery toffee sauce TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS CHEESECAKE - a most remarkable individual cheesecake on a toasted pecan base served with a spun sugar crisp 8CHOCOLATE WITH FRIENDS - 8 Belgium Chocolate Ganache covering English Toffee, Pretzel, Peanut Butter Cream and Salted Caramel on a Chocolate Crumb base KEY LIME TART - 7the perfect blend of sweet and tangy, with a Raspberry Tequila Sauce CREPES PRINCESSE - 8the Prince of Wales in 1895 famously renamed this delicious dish, crepes suzette, after one of his favorite dinner companions - grand marnier, orange and lemon zest, cognac, sugar and butter, all simmered together with the crepes, and topped with whipped cream ULTIMATE S'MORE PIE 8Belgium Chocolate, peanut butter, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker crust and a little smoke CREME BRULLEE- 6light vanilla custard with a crisp carmelized crust WISDOM PIE - 8butterscotch and caramel with an oat cookie crust served with golden vanilla ice cream APPLE CRISPI CRUMBLEE - Apple, raisin, orange simmered with ginger, amaretto and cinnamontopped with crumblees, served with an orange caramel toffee sauce and golden vanilla ice cream 8 ENGLISH TOFFEE PECAN PIE - 6cooked slowly with just the right amount of sweetness, we add a jigger of Scotch for good measure PEAR BELLE HELENE - 7a truly enduring classic, originally created to celebrate Offenbach's opera in 19th century Paris, tender sugar poached pear, rich warm Belgian chocolate sauce - toasted almonds-vanilla ice cream ICE CREAMS - 5.00SORBET - 5.00NOTE: Can be subject to change.We use only certified fair trade dark roast organic coffee and Harney & Sons Teas SOME OF THE ARTIFACTS OF THE WHITE HORSEBEHIND THE BAR IS AN INDIAN SCOUT MOTORCYCLE FROM1920 - THIS WAS THE FIRST YEAR OF PRODUCTION FOR THE BIKE THAT EVENTUALLY EVOLVED INTO THE CHIEF - WITH REVOLUTIONARY ENGINEERING - THIS BIKE WAS FAR AHEAD OF ITS TIME - IT BECAME THE OBSESSION OF BURT MUNROE WHO EVENTUALLY BROKE THE LAND SPEED RECORD AT 200 MPH - AFTER MUCH TINKERING1488 - CASTLE LAND DEED FROM NORTHERN FRANCE- THE PART THAT ENGLAND ONCE OCCUPIED, WRITTEN IN OLD FRENCH ON PARCHMENT -No longer valid, I think ?1840 PUB SIGN - from the original White Horse pub - Mayfair, London, well ingrained with Victorian fog DOCUMENT WITH ORIGINAL SEAL SIGNED BY WILLIAM CLOPTON THE XXI DAY OF JANUARY IN THE 41ST YEAR OF THE REIGN OF OUR SOVREIGN LADY ELIZABETH BY THE GRACE OF GOD OF ENGLAND FRANCE AND IRELAND QUEEN DEFENDER OF THE FAITH 1599 - from one of the noblest families in the land, he had a politically arranged marriage to his cousin Anne in 1586 (he was 12 and she 9) eventually inherited all estates, lived in Stratford upon Avon, where in 1597, he rented the house next to him, called new place to his good friend William Shakespeare, who subsequently purchased it in 1599.Records indicate this was the second biggest house in town, Clopton retaining the biggest.MARTHA WASHINGTON - SWATCH OF HER WEDDING DRESS 1759Swatch of Martha Washington's Wedding Dress from her marriage to Colonel George Washington January 6th.1759.This fragment is of a Rich Gold Brocade material and is attached to a letter written by George L.

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6.75Add grilled spicy chicken for an additional - 4.00 CLASSIC PUB BURGER - 8.75with or without cheese, lettuce, tomato on a toasted Kaiser roll.16TH CENTURY TAVERN TABLE - IN CONTINUOUS USE FOR OVER 400 YEARS, FROM A ROYAL CASTLE - I bet a lot of good ale, victuals, and lively chatter have been absorbed by that oak AN UNUSUAL PAMPHLET FROM PARLIAMENT 1649- Lord Fairfax, as commander of the army, declaring loyalty to parliament, just after King Charles I was deposed, during the climax of the civil war.This broadside would have been placed in town squares and important taverns for all to read.16.25 BANGERS & MASH sauteed British style farmhouse pork sausages with whipped mashed potatoes and onion gravy.14.75BLACK TRUFFLE MEATLOAF Our signature ground sirloin blended with Wagyu Kobe style beef, bacon, panko, onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms, truffle oil & herbs, smoked bacon wrapped, baked and served with an onion demi-glace, mashed potatoes & sautéed vegetables 17.75CHICKEN POT PIE dating back to medieval times, a really good pot pie was an important element of any royal chef's repertoire - this would definitely win the King's favor - tender pieces of chicken, celery, carrots, peas, onions and herbs, baked in a rich sauce with a little chardonnay and cream, topped with a light buttery flaky crust 16.75GUINNESS BEEF STEW angus beef, carrots, onions, mushrooms, Guinness, herbs and our seasoning blend, slow roasted to perfection - served with mashed potatoes 19PORK OSSO BUCCO pomegranate and port wine slow braised pork osso bucco, served with crispy brussel sprouts in a roasted acorn squash with butter mashed potatoes and port demi-glace 21 CHICKEN KIEV panko crusted breast of chicken stuffed with butter, herbs, garlic served with buttermilk mashed potatoes and parmesan roasted cauliflower 19STEAK FRITES BEARNAISE7oz.