Ladies dating younger men

19 Dec

We’d been introduced by a mutual friend who thought we would be a good match.

Jerry was a wealthy, highly successful, intelligent, divorced chap who worked in the film industry.

He was a champion whinger whose bitterness could have melted the phone line.

Still, there were times when the idea of a permanent partner seemed appealing. Did I really want to know about that classic 1966 Mercedes SL he’d restored, or where his children went to school?Another older potential suitor was 63-year-old Martin.Thankfully, I learned enough about him on the phone to decide not to go for a drink with him.I’ve discovered how world-weary and bitter they can be, desperate to offload their emotional baggage on any female who will listen.The chubby, balding civil servant in his early 50s who contacted me would not normally be someone I’d meet up with, but he messaged me in such a witty and eloquent way that I agreed to meet him for tea.