My blackberry froze while updating software clueless at dating

01 Mar

New Black Berry users may find their phone intimidating at first.A Black Berry can appear to be complex, simply because it has so many features.It's possible that your phone is also not even showing the 3G logo or any other indication of a network connection.Updated Earlier this week, word broke of a bug in Apple's i OS 9.3 update that was leaving some i Pad 2 tablets unable to function.

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Without the Backberry Operating System, your Blackberry can’t function because every thing your use on your Blackberry is presented to you and controlled by the operating system.

“Maybe I should just find a way to download blackberry device software and blackberry desktop manager”.

This might seem like a two in one solution ( fix and upgrade) but believe me when I tell you that refreshing your OS is the more advisable method in fixing a crashed Blackberry OS because it is safer, easier and faster.

Regardless of the type of Blackberry OS crash, your files on your SD card (memory card) will not be affected.

Your Blackberry contacts, phone contacts and all other things stored on your phone memory; however, have a slim chance of being recovered if the crash is very serious ( as in the case of a white Blackberry screen).