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27 Aug

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has refused to accept Hariri’s resignation until he returns to the country and explains his reasons. Air Force Central Command in Qatar, on Friday confirmed Iran manufactured the ballistic missile, saying it bore “Iranian markings.” “That in itself provides evidence of where it came from,” he said.Dozens of citizens from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain on Friday morning gathered at Lebanon’s Beruit-Rafic Hariri International Airport to evacuate the country after receiving orders from their home countries to leave. Saudi Arabia has long accused Lebanon’s Hezbollah Islamist political party of supporting Iran, it’s regional rival. For his part, Al-Siba'i lashed out in a statement on social media.He called out the network for trying to portray him as an irrational radical and said Karaki spoke "deliriously," like a "demon" had come out of her.He is demanding the network issue an apology on his behalf.This is hardly the first time Karaki has called out the powerful on air; she has been on television for 15 years, and Arab TV news is famously confrontational. (Though gender equality is a pressing issue in the Middle East, female television personalities have been commonplace there for decades.)Originally, Karaki didn't expect to go into broadcasting.

It happened by accident, after she accompanied friends who were auditioning to become hosts; a director saw her on set an asked her to try out too.Tensions in the region increased after a Saudi-led coalition on Nov. 4 intercepted a ballistic missile fired by a Yemeni rebel group. She points out that this is not to say she's against women having experiences all in all.She's all for her daughter traveling, partying and having a good time.