Slutty dating service

15 Sep

If you know of a site, please list the country or area of the world where it would be useful on. If you want to get at the normal non pros who are not Maria passaporte (gringo chasers), go to or or even orkut.

After a couple months of letting this thread marinate, I'll create a handy master list. But needless to say, Portuguese is required, specially on or For Thailand, is good as well as is popular here in the Philippines and I got laid (SNL) through that with a nice regular girl (not P4P). At the beginning of February I'm going to start pipelining (to quote Naighty Nomad).

Another one used a puppy dog for an online dating profile photo. You might be the girl next door and are looking for a husband and potential father, so why are you modeling in your bathing suit?

Remember a bathing suit shot is no different than posing in lingerie, so don’t be surprised when the guys only want to hook up. Showing a little skin will attract more views to your profile, but make sure your clothes actually fit.

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One guy even put a gorilla on his Tinder profile as his primary shot. Don’t hide behind four paws, and let us see your smiling face.

Here are some of the worst and most embarrassing online dating photos in cyberspace.

Guys, there’s nothing sexy about showing off those love handles. Grab a friend and have them take a photo of you where you’re looking your best and not your worst. Women want someone to protect them and be their hero, not a gym rat.

Im gonna wait till my pics get approved to try and send any messages. u must get a few messages free bc i accidentally hit the message button for a female and it was brought up.

also how would the females respond if they just have basic profiles and do not pay?