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28 Mar

Inside is an "historical" black-and-white photo captioned "The New Synagogue in Flames".

A closer examination of photography and historical research led Heinz Knobloch to the conclusion that the synagogue in the photo did not correspond to its actual state in 1938 but had been clearly retouched in the post-war period.

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During the night of November 23, 1943, the synagogue suffered serious damage during British air raids during the Second World War.

Yet there is no evidence to suggest that these changes occurred as a result of direct intervention on the part of the regime.

Map publishers were instead reacting to the vague command to work in tune with the ideals of National Socialism.

Berlin's police commissioner Graf Helldorf only verbally reprimanded Kr├╝tzfeld for doing so and has since often been mistakenly identified as the rescuer of the New Synagogue. After the effects of the fire had been removed, the New Synagogue had been able to be used for worship services again until April 1939.

The dome had to be overpainted with camouflage paint because of the threat of air raids.