Abusive and intimidating behaviour

13 Jul

Introductions across the seated compartment led to a long conversation and stolen kisses beneath duffel coats.

By the time they alighted in Scotland, Pete and Anne were a confirmed couple.

She began breaking beakers at work and often dissolved in tears of frustration.

On a good day she could still play guitar, but the bad days began to mount up.

But as with all teenagers, Rowling became more and more interested in pop music.

It was the early 1980s and so she was inspired by The Smiths and Siouxsie Sioux, whose look she adopted early on and maintained for many years; when she began university she still sported startling back-combed hair and heavy black eyeliner.

A larger girl in her own year picked a fight with her. The truth was, my locker was right behind me and it held me up." Throughout her teens Rowling honed her taste in reading material.The idyllic Church Cottage, which had a flagstone floor and a covered well, was just a goblin’s throw from the local graveyard, and was surrounded by countryside in which the Rowling sisters would enact their adventures.But for the young JK Rowling, the first day at Tutshill Church of England school in September 1974 was not a success.A few months into their courtship Anne became pregnant with her first child, Joanne.The young lovers decided to discard their uniforms to marry on 14 March 1965 before setting up home in Yate, ten miles outside Bristol.