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Most notable living Iranian classical vocalists are: Sodeyf, Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri.

Among relatively new classical vocalists we can name: Homayoun Shajarian, Hamid Reza Nourbakhsh and Iraj Bastami.

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These names include some of epic forms such as kin-e Iraj (lit. the Vengeance of Siavash), and Taxt-e Ardashir (lit. There are also some of a descriptive nature like roshan cheragh (lit. In general the period of Khosrau II reign is regarded as an "golden age of Iranian music" and himself is shown in a large relief at Taq-e Bostan among his musicians and himself holding bow and arrows and while standing in a boat amidst a group of harpists.

Even after Islam, Persian musicians did not disappear: Zaryab is often credited with being the greatest influence over Andalusian and Spanish music.

The position of a particular work of music often depends on the music genre and its relationship to music theory.

Davood Azad, a renowned Iranian musician and vocalist, melded Johann Sebastian Bach's music style and Iranian classical music.

Iran's main orchestras include: National Orchestra, Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Melal Orchestra (Nations Orchestra).