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17 Nov

READ MORE Authorities are looking for the whereabouts of this gorgeous woman -- last spotted in England with the expressionless wildebeest known as David Gest! READ MORE Michael Jackson's good friend, David Gest, enjoys dressing like little boys!The 54-year-old expressionless Muppet arrived to a comedy award show in London on Thursday, all skater punked-out like a… READ MORE With everyone and their botox zombie husbands getting a reality TV show -- add one more to the trainwreck pileup.Her mother, perhaps, could've given her talented daughter a run for her money in the accolades department had she not prematurely died at the age of 47 from a barbiturate overdose.But still, despite Garland's early death, the existing parallels between mother and daughter are uncannily striking.Around the same time, Judy's drug and alcohol abuse, as well as financial woes, were worsening, and it was Liza who became Judy's caretaker and provider for a time. Liza followed in her mother Judy Garland's footsteps, becoming an actress and singer and even starring in her father Vincente Minnelli's last film ' A Matter of Time' in 1976.(Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS)Judy's father Frank began getting into trouble starting in 1926 when rumors began circulating he was making sexual overtures to the male ushers at his movie theater.The trio would make their move into Hollywood and eventually Judy would get signed onto MGM at the age of 13.'s opening. " she whispered to the show's costume designer Donald Brooks. And I got her up there because I'm her mother and conceivably her inspiration — the heck with her motivation." Judy's competitive spirit was not lost on a young Liza.

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“From childhood Judy was placed on drugs – to lose weight or to go to sleep or to wake up," actress Lauren Bacall recalled. In the early 1980s she would enter rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic.Gest and Liza Minnelli were married on March 16, 2002, and separated less than a year and a half later in July 2003.In October 2003 he sued her for million claiming that she had been violent and physically abusive during their marriage, behavior the affidavit blamed on Minnelli's persistent alcoholism.READ MORE David Gest, Liza Minnelli's ex-husband, has died in London. READ MORE Liza Minnelli's ex man-wife David Gest bedazzled the crowd at a London charity event on Thursday -- literally.Gest was found dead in the Four Seasons Hotel at the Canary Wharf ... The 54-year-old divorcee wore an absolutely faaaabulous jacket with an image of a…