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15 Dec

There is very little in the way of in your face action at Bor Pennyang.Guys who want to talk to a lady will have to get her attention and chat her up.What’s more, many who do score a bit of money in a night’s work often spend the next few days with family or friends rather than heading out into the trenches again.Like everything else in Vientiane, Bor Pennyang closes early. Many of the freelancers and others in the bar who haven’t hooked up or finished their night of fun then head over to a club called “At Home.” It’s not far away and this is also a place that everyone, including the tuk tuk drivers who like to ask for outrageous sums of money, knows about.At Home is a small club but it’s get’s fairly crowded.

It’s a small city by any standard, but especially when compared to cities like Bangkok or Saigon.One could probably cover most of the city in a day or two but all that is unseen to the naked eye would undoubtedly remain that way.Learning the ins and out would require a lot more time, and that’s something that most single male visitors don’t usually have as they often visit only on short visa runs from Thailand.Laos is a small landlocked-country in Southeast Asia surrounded by more populated countries like Thailand with very active commercial sex scenes.Like it’s Eastern neighbor Vietnam, Laos officially prohibits not only the sale of sexual services but also cohabitation of any sort between foreigners and Lao nationals who they have not married.