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08 Apr

Once done the above, I advise you to go to the servers tab, select them all right click with the right mouse button and add it to the list of fixed servers, so they will not be erased unless we want.

To delete a server, if for example we see that there are several that always go gray and give error, you must carry out the same previous step but giving first to remove from list of fixed servers, and then delete it, yes, you will have to deactivate too The option to auto-update servers when starting, or whenever you close and reopen Emule this will re-download and add, from my experience currently there are 9 functional servers, so if you see that you only stay in those quiet , Which works very well.

The system works by creating a location where the files are shared and numerous people may upload at the same time.

The benefit is that the users sharing may receive faster downloads.

Thus, e Donkey servers are still an integral part of e Mule.

Using a good e D2k server (in addition to KAD) can add variety to the search results, especially when switching between them.

Emule was a great star among the public for its great simplicity when it comes to sharing files, but with the passage of time appeared alternatives that were subtracting protagonism, such as Torrent programs and direct download pages, as they are The Pirate bay or Megaupload.

But precisely these alternatives that made it fall, are those that close or be blocked are causing Emule reborn, and all this because of the fear that spread among other websites that were dedicated to provide the same service.

The problem is that today when installing emule, the list of servers that has been reduced to the serial number of 6 servers or less, so it is necessary to add more so that in our searches we can find what we want, is Important to say, that not all servers are safe, some are fake servers that all they do is try to infect us with viruses or spy on what we do.Some people have a program that allows them to share files using torrents.This system has its own way of sharing files, and it will accept torrents, meaning e Mule users have an advantage over people that just have Bittorrent or Utorrent because Mac users may also share in more than one way.We recommend you fully read the entire article below before appending servers / serverlists.First; we strongly advise the use of for e Mule (or, alternatively - Peer Guardian or similar IP Blocking software).