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25 Sep

Elroy now doubted that the Jefferson bottles were real and began considering ways to test the wine without opening the bottle.In April 2005, Elroy approached a French laboratory researcher who was using low-level gamma ray detection for Cesium-137 (Ce-137) to date wine.[See Sip On This: That ,000 (Or ) Bottle of Wine Might Be Fake, by Jackie Northam, NPR, Oct.13, 2015.] No one has the palate to know how a 1787 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild should taste because wine character changes over time.“And nobody wants to take a loss.” While the ethics remain in doubt, it does explain why bogus wines continue to circulate among auction houses and private collectors. Let’s look some famous wine-counterfeiting cases that used these methods — and one involving the classic Ponzi scheme.As chronicled by Benjamin Wallace in his book, “The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine” (Crown Publishers, May 2008), German pop-music promoter, wine collector and raconteur Hardy Rodenstock claimed in April 1985 that he knew of a mid-18th-century Parisian home that during demolition exposed a hidden cellar that contained close to 100 bottles of wine — two dozen of which where engraved with the initials “Th.One of the original 600 bottles would be worth more than 0,000.(See How Atomic Particles Helped Solve a Wine Fraud Mystery, by The Kitchen Sisters, NPR, June 3, 2014.) Recently, European police arrested seven people in connection with an international counterfeiting ring that sold 400 bottles of fake Romanée-Conti wine for more than 2 million euros (.7 million) as well as 220,000 bottles of phony Montalcino red wine.

One of the most highly counterfeited wines is a 1945 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.However, nothing leaves a worse taste in the mouth than opening a very expensive fine or rare wine only to learn that it’s bogus.You can’t tell by looking these days; in most cases, you need a sophisticated laboratory to determine whether a purported rare wine is authentic.To protect the integrity of the upcoming MFA exhibition, it asked Koch to supply provenances for the Jefferson bottles.The chances of that happening were doubtful with such a short lead time prior to the exhibition.