Young bisexual chat

06 Sep

“Using the term bisexual to describe myself felt like coming home to an identity that genuinely fit my feelings, which was a really freeing experience,” Katie said.

“Identifying as bisexual is also liberating in the sense that we’re reclaiming a term that was wrongly used to describe our identity as a mental illness in the DSM III.

And they all agreed that social media and the internet are a key part of activism for Generation Z.Whether it’s parents and teachers who don’t believe bisexuality is real or peers making harassing comments in the hallways, it may seem like life for queer teens hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years.But there is at least one huge difference: now, more than ever, queer teens are naming themselves and seeing each other.Y’all, these teens have so much love for their community, which is also more broadly our community.Baltimore senior Bexx Robinson has some simple wisdom for every teen who may be struggling to come out or experiencing harm as an out queer or bi young person:“There are people here to help and listen to you.