Naughty chat with strangers

10 Oct

We saw a girl in the corner, stroking her dates cock and Doug said, “you like that don’t you? As we danced he began pushing his cock against me, feeling aroused I let him.

I was surprised but excited when he reached between my legs and with no panties, helped himself to my pussy.

I gasped as he started finger fucking me, trying to hold in a loud “UMMM!

” His friends, sitting next to the dance floor, watching me moan and sigh as Doug made me cum with a long muffled groan.

I smiled at my loving husband when suddenly it turned into that (OH MY GOD! My dirty husband just watched until ob had me gasping and starting to cum.

He got up, unzipped my dress, picked my naked body up and laid me on the table.

They were talking dirty to me and it was even more intense seeing Bill jackin off as these animals used and fucked me so hard, that I was having one orgasm after another.

His biggest turn on is when I’m having an orgasm, which sounds like someone’s stabbing me to death with pleasure.

Knowing how much it excites him makes it even more intense for me.

Being a classy place we dressed up and I wore a short, low cut white dress and no bra or panties, it makes me feel so accessible and naughty, just the way Bill likes it.

Walking in we noticed they had a nice crowd and sat at the bar.