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26 Aug

Just an FYI: I'm the author of Mime Kit which has already been mentioned on this thread.That said, I would not recommend the use of Mime Kit for simply validating an email address (it's way overkill).

But this takes time, so If mail has to be sent to many, then use asynchronous mails.

Poor email deliverability will not only hamper your ability to communicate with your customers, but could land you in hot water with regulators as well, threating your ability to continue leveraging the email channel and damaging your bottom line.

Email Verification from Experian Data Quality can help. It determines if an email is accurate and valid before mailing to it.

It even works with business and consumer email domains, such as Yahoo! ", "embed URL" : " Kr Fo Q-ub KGle Jv.js", "description" : "Experian Data Quality's email verification solution instantly validates email addresses.

Ensure you are emailing to accurate, valid addresses.