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30 Sep

The ten biggest online scams lost victims across the country £670million over 2014 – and this figure is likely to be far higher due to unreported cases, National Fraud Intelligence Bureau data reveals.

The case of a victim known only as Chris, who had thousands stolen by fraudsters who simply rang his bank to gain details and also conned his Facebook friends into sending money too, is highlighted by Get Safe Online.

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Chris*, who tells his story in the video above, was recently the victim of online banking fraud, where criminals repeatedly gained remote access to his computer and changed his address on his bank account, thereby getting new cards sent to the new address.

This is what he said: 'I first discovered something was wrong when I logged online to my bank account and noticed money had been moved from one account to another account that I don't use anymore.

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That figure rises to over half for desktop PC users and is two thirds for tablet owners.Kindly respond to this email as soon as possible if you wish to proceed with the details.Yours Faithfully, Enrique Zachary Esq We are really sorry for the inconvenience we are making you pass through,we are having problem with our database due to our recent upgrade and we cant find your data,please we need to rectify this problem before the next 24 hours if not you won't be able to send or receive email with your webmail account address.It turns out these fraudsters just called up the bank and by using my online details, pretended to be me in order to get my address and contact numbers changed so they could take my money.'At this point, I thought that was the end of it.But they had tried to call the bank again the next day. It was at this point I discovered they had hacked my BT account on my PC and emailed BT to redirect my home address to theirs in Manchester in order to intercept the Pin for a new payee – they were extremely sophisticated and would do anything they could to get hold of my money.'I actually managed to speak to one of them from a number I got from BT. Again, I reported this to the bank and police and had someone clean up my PC's security.'All in all, I lost about £2,400 over the counter and £300 from a cashpoint.