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23 Jan

Can I write a book or a blog on how to get a dream job?

Is there an app I can create that can make finding a job a simple, step-wise process?

Can I build an app that lets me search these apps at the same time?

Problem #3 – My bedroom windows are a non-standard size and let in way too much light when I’m trying to sleep.

Source: App Sumo Pay attention during conversations with friends and be observant. What struggles are they having in their social life, their family life, and their work life?You can filter by category and by region to dial down into specifics.Example idea: It’s clear from the Kickstarter technology category that 3-D printers are going to be the next big thing, so if you can think of a product, service, or app that fits with that emerging technology, you might have a first mover advantage. There are subforums on Reddit dedicated exclusively to people who are asking for new businesses to get started so they can pay money immediately.It’s basically people asking for a ready-made solution to a probelm.Read through a bunch of tweets and you’ll start seeing some key themes surface — you’ll also get a few good laughs.