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19 Aug

The man convicted of Jessica’s murder is John Couey, a convicted child molester who lived within sight of Jessica’s home.Jessica’s father has advocated for “ Jessica’s Law,” which, among other things, calls for residency restrictions for sex offenders.

In addition, hundreds of municipalities (in states with and without residency restriction statutes) have also passed similar ordinances prohibiting registered sex offenders from living within specified distances of places where children congregate.

The least restrictive distance requirement is in Illinois (500 feet), but most common are 1,000- to 2,500-foot boundaries.

Public officials have discovered that by increasing the length of the restrictions and expanding the list of the places that trigger a residency restriction (in addition to schools and daycare centers, pet stores, movie theatres, public parks, and swimming pools are being added) they can create “sex offender-free zones.” Although all the residency restrictions are keyed to distances from areas in which children congregate, only four states that Human Rights Watch knows of limit their residency restriction laws to persons convicted of sex offenses involving child victims.

He eventually started drinking again and violated parole by staying out too late. I was allowed to stay, November 2002 I was to register again—my birthday.

If I told them I lived at a shelter— I would be thrown out—if I stayed on the streets I would not have a [sic] address to give—violation.