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08 Jun

Let’s say it’s in excellent shape and you’re getting a fantastic deal, but the back seat has some scratches and stains. Okay, now let’s say the paint on the passenger door is scratched, and there’s a ding on the rear fender. You want to feel loved and nurtured, and have someone who is receptive to your love and nurturance in return. And ideally, his presence would catalyze your growth towards an even better version of you.I’ve written a whole book on what you should look for in a guy, so I’m not going to get into the details of that here.Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of letters from the ladies asking about relationships with semi-decent guys.Y’know, guys who are pretty darn good except for this one niggling detail. The point is that there is a spectrum of flaws, all the way from utterly forgivable (scratchy paint) to deal-breaking (no transmission).I’ve pasted my response just as I sent it to her, no fancy caps or nuffin’: Hello Dr Ali — I have just broken up with my boyfriend because he has a short temper and I think I am really sensitive about this because my father was verbally and physically abusive towards my mother.

best, AB *** Next one gets a llittle more complicated: Dr Ali, I have a wonderful boyfriend that I’ve been with for about a year.

But I do want to make you aware of what your dealbreakers are.

The most basic one is that he hinders your growth as a person.

He’s an excellent partner and that is why I keep holding on..frustrated and angry and all (which can’t be good). Thank you…Trudy Trudy – This is a great letter raising an all-too-common isssue. If you were 25, I would say, hey, he sounds like a great guy, and relationships are all about practicing being loving, so go ahead and have fun with it ’cause you’ve got all kinds of time for now.

What do you do with a guy who’s great except for this one niggling detail — which happens to be a dealbreaker? But if you’re on the market for a husband to start a family with, 35 is kind of go-time. He sounds like a really sweet fella, but I invite you to do the thought experiment of playing this scenario out over the next ten years. He will still be poor and you’ll still be bickering about money.