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01 May

There is a land registry office in every county in Ontario, Canada.

The old standard (by law) was to go back 40 years to ensure a clear chain of title with no existing encumbrances or ‘clouds’ on title. These days, to be able to form a legal opinion of a property, one only has to search back to when the last registered owner took title. All searches are done online by licensed users such as myself through Teranet.

This too can be done for much less than a lawyer or private investigator. I am a licensed & insured Paralegal / Title Searcher in Ontario, Canada.

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The result will inevitably be: The smaller home owner will be driven out of the Toronto home market and property values will increase as a result.

Restrictions can be imposed on a property by the municipality or the developer for various reasons.

If you are purchasing a property in Ontario or just to find out who owns what land in Ontario and what affects the property, a title search or name search must be performed.

You would go to a lawyer to put a construction lien on title, right? One must be a licensed user of Teranet to be able to access any property information province wide. In this post, I’ll briefly and simply outline the world of title searching in Ontario, Canada.

Once again, this is a simple task that a paralegal / title searcher such as myself can do for you for less than half the cost of a lawyer. If you are a private lender, you don’t have to go through a lawyer to register a mortgage on a proptery to protect your interest. Automation (the transformation of paper records to electronic data) of the land registry systems started some 10 years ago in London, Ontario, Canada.