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10 Oct

To the contrary, I thoroughly enjoy doing things on my own, or doing solitary activities (not to be confused with being comfortable being alone in a crowd).As a freshman in college I chose to live in a 7×10 single room (read: closet) rather than live with a roommate, because I need alone time on a regular basis in order to remain sane.Once I’d figured that part out, I really wanted a boyfriend and fixated on the fact that all my friends were dating someone.They weren’t really, but like I said, I was a wee bit dramatic.That’s really the crux if it all, because while there are parts of being single that just suck, I really and truly know I need to be single for a while.

I don’t mean physically attractive, per se, but the overall package.

Surprise doesn’t even encompass 1% of the emotion I felt upon discovering this. At 14 I had never had a boyfriend, never held a boy’s hand let alone kissed a boy (remember the 5’7″ and awkward part? How was it even possible that I could be voted biggest flirt?

In my very sheltered, extremely naive world, “flirt” was synonymous with “skank,” with a tinge of “harlot.” Sounds dramatic, but remember I to flirt, so how could the entire school think I was one?

By the standards of almost any 14 year old girl, I should have been thrilled – he was cute, funny, popular, etc etc etc. Looking back, I feel rather dense, because my big, awkward puppy self couldn’t tell the difference between friendly and flirtatious until I was bashed over the head with it.

I was so overwhelmed by the entire situation that I made up an excuse of why I couldn’t go.