Rusisk dating internet dating no longer for losers

24 Jan

Girls are subsequently required to verify their identity and pretty disposition, plus their career and aspirations.Site users can specify if they're looking for a fling or long-term relationship from the get-go so there is no confusion along the way."Too many dating sites today focus on merely matching people up based on just looks and sexual preferences, failing to identify socio-economic requirements, personality pairing, and other factors that go into the perfect match-making," said , Co-Founder of Kisstle."The result is quick hookups with no sustainable foundation for a real relationship.

Developed to be not just another "Sugar Daddy" or "Sugar Baby" platform that fails to focus on actual long-term relationship development, Kisstle cares about its site users, and wants everyone to find a companion who will be with them for a mutually beneficial arrangement – or for life.

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