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21 Jun

Let me tell you, it’s simple – but the simplest things are the easiest to overlook. Ask yourself, is this formal, stern and serious image the type of image you want to project in a club when you’re out meeting girls? Here’s how to put it right; A blazer differs from a suit jacket and a blazer is what you want.Almost every pickup artist that considers himself a well dressed man does this. A blazer is less structured, comes in much more exciting colours and has interesting detailing that a suit jacket doesn’t.Realising the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer is a simple change that can make a huge impact on your personal style, and a good sense of style opens doors for you.(I know this because one of my clients just whipped up a storm when he hit Hollywood).Guys who join the community look up to these ‘dons’ of pickup and mimic them in any way that they can. The jacket and the trousers that make up a suit are structured, tailored to your body shape in a formal cut.Heres the headline -Stop being a seduction bootcamp gangster and get your own personal style. The big problem, the problem that makes you a dating guru gangster. The structure of a suit is designed as such to make people take you seriously, to command respect and make you authoritative.You may have noticed over the years that I cover a lot of topics that don’t seem to fit squarely in this blog’s mission statement of helping nerds date better.

Here is a list of some of them: – Twirls her hair – Asks your name – Laughs at your stupid jokes – Hits you in a playful manner – If you pause she will fill in the silence – Changes opinion to match yours – Holding eye contact – Hold out your hand. – Reverse roles and position yourself as the prize – “Stop hitting on me, I’m not just a mindless piece of meat”, “Stop taking advantage of me…I’m not that kind of guy…” – Tell her you’ll hire her as an assistant to follow you around everywhere. – Be the snob – “Yeah, whatever, not so much…” – Be the authority figure – “You’re in trouble, you’ve got detention…” – Exaggerate her: “OH SORRY I couldn’t serve you better, princess…” – Make her compete – “Excuse me, there are more interesting girls over there…” – Challenge her – “You’re not cool enough to hang with me.” Or “I’m wayyy to young for you…” After you disqualify look for indicators of interest (IOIs) that women give men.I stress this to my one-on-one clients heavily because as a man you should know about clothes and how they work for you, if you don’t then seek professional advice.You seek professional advice when your car breaks down or when you want a house building so why allow your image to suffer?