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20 Feb

"We expressed in the meeting that the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed that the independent, scientific research conducted to date has found no causal connection between video games and real-life violence," the group said in statement.North Carolina-based video game companies Epic Games, Red Storm Entertainment, Shrapnel Games and Virtual Heroes refused to comment or didn't respond to WRAL News' requests for interviews.Ryan Snell, who started his own video game design company in Cary last year, said violence in video games is not gratuitous – it serves a purpose."The realer it is, the more gritty it is, the more people will feel immersed," he said.Snell said video game companies are marketing an experience, not murder."It's just like playing a race car game and you run into a wall, and your car doesn't get damaged," he said. It's just like, that's not how it works."As much as violence appears on television, there are no rules to regulate it. It's way out of line."In a WRAL News poll, 500 adults were asked whether requiring a reduced amount of violence in entertainment would reduce the incidence of mass shootings.Look at all the old books about the West, at John Wayne movies," he said."To be honest with you, Dante's Inferno is way more graphic than 'Call of Duty.'"Video games have ratings, and retailers say that helps keep mature-themed games out of the wrong hands, but there's no substitute for engaged parents.

"I think playing violence and watching violence sometimes does promote it, and I'm not one to promote violence."Wakefield High School senior Patrick Hines said the blame on video games for causing violence is misplaced.If anything, he said, the news media plays a role in promoting violent acts."I do believe when people report on violence – war is going on in foreign countries, people are getting shot and killed in neighborhoods – that kind of stuff, I believe, has more impact than any video game," Hines said.— After the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Conn., the National Rifle Association blasted Hollywood, video games and music for creating a "culture of violence" in the U. The prevalence of violence in media is hard to ignore, and 31 percent of respondents to a WRAL News poll said they believe violence in entertainment is a major cause of mass shootings.According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, television programs display 812 violent acts per hour.