Buckeey dating lil scrappy

12 Apr

It was finally revealed that Lil Scrappy is dating Buckeey (who now wants to be called Shay Johnson, but we’re stil calling her Buckeey) again on last night’s episode of .

Is it just me or does anyone else think Lil Scrappy stays losing when it comes to females? But I’m doing me with him, and that’s the great part. People on social media have been saying she’s the “new Shay.” Shay: Who’s Pinky? When he had his breakup with Diamond and when I had my breakup, that’s how we ended up getting together. Why do you think she doesn’t seem to like Bambi or Erica P? We hang out all the time and she will tell anybody I’m her baby. He and I were just friends for the first four years, no sexual contact, no nothing.Erica has an education, a great job and career as a medical coder and biller, and she’s now a first time home buyer. Diamond was a user with a terrible reputation in Atlanta, and Buckeey is a certified reality TV tramp who’s willing to do anything for 15 minutes who wears 15 pounds of Yaki Weave and a purchased booty to seem “attractive.” The last time we saw her, it was in a bootleg sex tape.I have a feeling she’ll bounce again when Lil Scrappy becomes just as irrelevant as he was before the show.