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18 Sep

GPS-enabled devices — most commonly mobile handhelds or a car’s navigation system — enable precise pinpointing of the location of people, buildings and objects.(See Wikipedia entry.)A hashtag (or hash tag) is a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets.

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Twitter users often use a hashtag like #followfriday to aggregate, organize and discover relevant posts.

(See Wikipedia entry.)An ebook (or e-book) is an electronic version of a traditional printed book that can be downloaded from the Internet and read on your computer or handheld device.

Something as simple as a PDF document can be considered an ebook — and anyone can create one.

he social media landscape is fast changing and filled with strange terms to the uninitiated. Here’s a quick guide to some of the terms you may encounter.

Please add other terms in the Comments below and we’ll incorporate them and credit you.