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20 Jan

There are a number of unofficial podcasts covering Lost.These podcasts are produced by the viewing public as opposed to the Official Lost Podcast and the Official UK Lost Podcast, and range from episode discussions, theory speculations, or just general discussion of the series itself.Jimmy from Seattle hosts "The Lost Score", a popular segment in which he analyzes the musical score on Lost, and breaks down the musical themes and styles of Michael Giacchino.The show concludes with the Dharmaline, a segment in which listener calls are played back, and an often amusing fan karaoke section.This weekly podcast is part of the Generally Speaking (GSPN) network of podcasts, which are produced by Cliff Ravenscraft.The hosts discuss Lost immediately after the episodes airs, and then again, live, on Talk Shoe every Saturday night.

The web page has a basic subscription option, and the podcast can be downloaded via i Pod, or, alternatively, it is possible to order for it to be delivered to your email inbox.

The hosts tend to include their personal opinions the night the show airs, but attempt to be more objective for their Saturday night live show on Talk Shoe.

The Weekly Lost Podcast is one of the oldest podcasts about Lost.

Often other Lost podcasters guest star in quick skits and Lost discussion.

The segment entitled The finer things club, features the character Charlotte Staples Lewis who mock interviews other Lost characters.