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02 Oct

Toronto Cyclist Union president Andrea Garcia praised the Sherbourne lanes installation: "Cities all across North America that are doing way more innovative things for cyclists have been building separated bike lanes for a long time...

Ford's first year as mayor in 2011 saw no property tax increase, and subsequent years increases were less than the rate of inflation.

After the election, Ford had outgoing councillor Case Ootes, a former City of Toronto budget chief, head the "transition team." From his campaign team, Ford named Nick Kouvalis as his chief of staff; For the Executive Committee of City Council, Ford named councillors who had endorsed him in his campaign.

For the inauguration ceremony at the first meeting of the new council, Ford had television commentator Don Cherry introduce him and put the chain of office on him. Cherry described how Ford had reversed a mistake of city staff cutting down a tree of a Toronto property owner for no good reason and then billing the property owner, who suffered from Alzheimer's.

During the first year in office, Council mostly endorsed Ford's proposals.

Ford privatized garbage pickup west of Yonge Street.