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02 Nov

If you plan to work in one of these fields regardless, these programs are definitely worth checking out.While loan forgiveness programs are a smart idea for many young people saddled with debt, some of us have no desire to make student loan payments for decades on end, work in the public sector, or stick with a job we don’t truly enjoy.“I see too many clients assume they don’t have any alternative options or they are stuck with the monthly payment displayed on their statement.If you don’t do anything else, pick up the phone and call the number on your student loan statement and start asking questions.A few months ago, I made this call with a client and simply asked “what can we do to lower the rate on this loan?” To my client’s surprise, they said that if she simply signed up for auto-pay they would knock the rate down by 0.25%.All it took was a quick phone call and we had our first win.” Before you let your student loans get you down, you should take a hard look at all of your options.

The first type of loan forgiveness program worth considering applies to those who might be able to work in the public sector upon graduating.Whether you choose to refinance your loans and get approved for a loan with a rate that is better all around, or not, this last section is something you’ll want to pay attention to.Once you are happy with the terms of your loan and your interest rate, you have the option to pay your loans down much faster than the normal 10 or 15-year timeline.That’s right; destroy your loans, and don’t stop until they’re gone!If you have just one loan to contend with, your strategy is simple: Throw as much money as you can towards your loan payment every month in order to a) reduce the principal on your loan as quickly as possible, b) get out of debt faster, and c) save money on interest.