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19 Apr

The serious leisure perspective (SLP), which divides leisure activities into three distinct forms, serious, casual and project-based, has been developed by Robert Stebbins over the last 40 years.This paper evaluates the perspective as theory and as a typology.In 2003 he retired from full-time employment at UTS and was appointed to the honorary position of Adjunct Professor.He is past president of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) and former chair of the Leisure Studies Association (UK).Tony Abbott has launched a staunch defence of the First Fleet and Australia Day.In his first regular chat with Ray Hadley for 2018, the former Prime Minister discussed the ongoing Change The Date campaign, Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and a nasty cycling crash he had over the summer break.

The book also includes increased coverage of time-budget surveys and new themes such as public policy dimensions. Increasingly, organizations demand greater flexibility from their workforces and are introducing new technologies and practices in response to global competitive pressures.

“Australia Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all of the things we’ve achieved.

“I would also argue Ray that what happened on the 26th of January 1788 was on balance for everyone, Aboriginal people included, a good thing.

It also examines the methodological problems and challenges of conducting national surveys in the field, and their future prospects. At the same time many employees are experiencing long working hours, increasing workloads and job insecurity, along with the challenge of balancing work and domestic responsibilities.

These changes threaten long-term gain in leisure time while, simultaneously, the leisure environment is also changing radically, as we see increasing commercialization and professionalization of leisure services and experiences, the influence of the Internet, the rise of gambling and the decline of community-based activity.