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The Levitt Auditorium in Gershman Hall can seat 850.Also in Gershman Hall is a black box theater used for student-run productions. I've always respected Dave Grohl as a musician, but was never REALLY into any of his stuff. this song is one of my all time top favorite songs. It's about how wonderful it feels to be in love and how he doesn't want it to end. Definitely top ten (no matter what vh1's greatest songs of the 90's says) Oh by the way, the acoustic version is definitely a thousand times better! He literally had been "waiting there for me" to come along. He didn't want me to stop loving him even when he was abusive and self-destructive. Although, if you do want a Foo song about sex, All My Life is perfect. Everyone think back to the first moment they fell in love with're at your first concert to your favorite band. To this date, no one has been ableto decipher exactly what is being said, but we do know that one trackis a love letter being read, one track is a technical manual beingread, and the last track is a story about one of the studio technician'sfather. The meaning is pretty obvious, just listen to the lyrics.In 1944, the Children's Dance Theatre, later known as the Philadelphia Dance Academy, was established by Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck.In 1962, the Conservatory of Music and the Musical Academy merged, then, in 1976, the combined organization acquired the Dance Academy, and renamed itself the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts.They also contain a bathroom and mini kitchen with a mini fridge and cabinets.

The University of the Arts' nearly 1,900 students are enrolled in 41 undergraduate and graduate programs in six schools: Art, Design, Film, Dance, Music and the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts. Greenfield Library houses 152,067 bound volumes, 6,936 CDs, 14,901 periodicals, 16,820 scores and 1965 videos and DVDs.Exhibitions have included the Quay Brothers, Vito Acconci, R.Crumb, Rosalyn Drexler, April Gornik, Alex Grey, James Hyde, Jon Kessler, Donald Lipski, Robert Motherwell, Stuart Netsky, Irving Penn, Jack Pierson, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Yvonne Rainer, Lenore Tawney and Andy Warhol.The university has four on-campus residence halls located in the heart of Center City.Each dorm contains beds, dressers, desks, and chairs.