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20 Nov

Before joining Veri Fone, Maya spent five years at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P. and Goodwin Procter, LLP advising both private and public technology companies, as well as investors and venture funds.

His practice at Ambarella focuses on intellectual property and commercial contracts and licenses.I could think of other responses: Now it's possible that this suspect was actually much worse than a wine voleur, and that this was just part of an elaborate plot to do something much worse or that he was some other type of security risk, but it seems unlikely since my mother spoke to the man's row-mate, who said that the suspect was quiet and didn't seem to be bothering anyone.However, SWA and its lead flight attendant felt that it was worth diverting an entire plane to deal with it, and unless there was something much more serious that no one understood, they really should apologize to the passengers rather than give some vague statement about how it was a security risk since, even post 9/11, not everything is a security risk - sometimes it's just people acting stupidly.This includes the implementation of a formal IP protection process that prioritizes the company’s highest value IP assets.Prior to joining Nixon Peabody, I was an associate with a leading intellectual property law firm in Southern California for over five years.