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18 Jul

She could see the veins on the large knot from high up where she watched.It was huge, so heavy it was hanging straight down.The dogs, Sulla and Brutus, usually laid down dejectedly at the door and waited for the hour that Shannon would come out and play with them.s pages and found a satisfying outlet that was normally denied her because of her shyness. If her Mom was at work, which she generally was in the evening, Shannon surfed her Facebook site for a bit and then moved on to the adult porn, imagining herself as the woman being violated and used.

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Her feet were comfortably snuggled into fuzzy slippers. Tracy chatted with her on the instant messenger, chatting about another Facebook game. She told Shannon of another chat program, one that had chat rooms dedicated to the latest game that Tracy was engaged in.

She didnt know at the time she met him how important he was. Shannon tugged on them as she sat on the metal folding chair in the middle of the room.

Rich maybe, but not a man important enough to have his photo on an office wall. Her mother had little time and little interest in computers which is why, when her Uncle gave her his old laptop after he upgraded to a newer one, Shannon jumped at the chance and quickly developed the skill set needed to run and operate a personal computer.t have broadband internet connection but a quick scan of the wireless showed at least two neighbors that did, both being unsecured.

The signal was weak but she was able to latch on to one and began her exploration of the World Wide Web. She started with video games and then moved on to the internet. Her other journeys would take her to Google and she would often search for various things that interested her.

What little time her mother was home was enough for her to peak in and wonder why her daughter had become so industrious with her studies. Her path eventually took her to down a darker route and she began to nervously check out adult web sites.