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30 Sep

The (contracted) daily fee applies after four hours.Productions exceeding 5,000 are encouraged to apply to produce under the IPA or the CIPIP Agreement, contained within the IPA.ACTRA Toronto will release 50% of the deposit for the last two weeks payroll.The remaining 50% will be released upon proof of payment of last payroll and receipt of all paperwork.Please be advised that the CMPA will not approve projects by companies who are not members in good standing of the Association.Screenings: Producers of feature films must commit to having at least 2 theatrical screenings prior to any television or other media exposure.

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TV movie) must disclose such changes to ACTRA Toronto.The Ti P status of such a production may be amended or withdrawn at the discretion of ACTRA Toronto or the CMPA.Unfair advantage; misrepresentation: A production which is found to be taking unfair advantage of Ti P rates through misrepresentation or falsification of budget will become immediately subject to the rates and conditions of the IPA.ACTRA and the CMPA reserve the right to decline or to revoke approval for any projects for any reason.Examples of projects that will not be approved, or that will have their approval revoked, include but are not limited to the following: Minors: Projects that depend on the extensive involvement of minors will be carefully examined for viability and will be excluded unless the resources and planning for the proper care and treatment of the young performers can be demonstrated.