Teyana taylor dating drake

23 Feb

Paris opened the door for so many non-actual-talent having ppl to get in... who got just the right amount of loyalty" but then again...it's probably just a mockery. It makes me happy everytime I see your Daria gravatar LOL! My friends and I were just talking about Daria the other day!

i don't know about anybody else but i take offense to lines like "pussy is only pussy and i get it when i need it" and the fact that hoards of young women and men at his shows so willingly mouth those words. i guess he tries to make it better with bullish like "looking for a woman that I should wife. becca: Teyana sounds like Rihanna so maybe THAT’S whose name he said on stage that day!!!

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Is it not possible for a male and female to hang out and no have a sexual relationship?

Her body is developing and she is enjoying the attention but like I said ask her who she prefers Drake or Ri Ri mommy knows she want my little Fashion Goddess Rihanna.

all in all, if he's going to attempt to take on the task of revolutionizing hip hop or whatever it is that he is claiming to do then at least correct things that are blatantly wrong like a sexist attitude especially when a sizable chunk of your fanbase is female.

Or Heartbreak Drake, which is kinda like a best of mixtape. me and my friend, and little sister went back stage and met him.

Sure she's with pharrel but album hasn't dropped yet, so until then... I still love you drizzy ;)And to those who are unfamiliar download So Far Gone. bcus he had a concert this past saturday in cali @ csla.