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02 Jan

I was just worried I'd be completely out of my depth.

The joy of writing the book was reading Alec's letters and diaries, because he wrote so beautifully well.

"I rang his agent and the agent said, 'No, Alec will be taking you out to lunch. He was quite old-fashioned and formal in that sense."Guinness, says Read, was both the star and the director of their meals together. ' And you'd say, 'I think I'll have the pigeon pie.' And he'd say, 'No, no, you wouldn't like that.' He had a very clear idea of how things ought to go and he didn't like to be contradicted.

At the time she, too, was suffering a terminal illness (the couple died in 2000, just 72 days apart)."Michael Redgrave said that Alec always acted as though he had a secret - and in fact he had many. Two: his mother's family, of whom he was bitterly ashamed and who were very low-class when he wanted to be a gent.And three: his homosexuality."But was he, in fact, homosexual?An actor loved for his understated screen manner and gentle, witty volumes of memoirs was shown to have feet of clay.Read is clearly stung by the furore."People have suggested that I've sexed up this book to make it sell.