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23 Oct

Navigate down to the kernel line and add: nomodeset and then boot. If it works, then you can make the amendment permanent by adding it to the kernel line in /etc/default/grub and then running grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/if it's a BIOS system.

I see that the "nv" driver is mentioned, which could mean you installed the nvidia proprietary driver at some point?

(Brief clips of his past commercial reviews are shown) NC (voiceover): You know, the ones I said sort of existed in their own cheesy little world? (Images of famous Disney princes, Aladdin, Prince Eric, the Prince in Snow White, and Prince Naveen, are shown next to Mitchell briefly for comparison) He even has the same attitude. Mitchell’s Father: The National Zoological Institute has asked us to study the Australian wombat. (Cut to Mitchell standing up before the classroom and giving the peace sign with his hand; the whole class shout in disapproval) NC: (as the whole class) Peace? (hisses at the camera and makes a cross sign with a skull) NC (voiceover): So the teacher allows everybody to come up front and introduce themselves to the class.

Remember how I did those reviews of late ‘80s/early 90’s commercials? It’s like he was constructed from every Disney prince that ever existed. NC (voiceover): He doesn’t seem to fit in to his new class, either, but to be fair, what do you expect when the leader of the Nasties is in the classroom?

You might like to try adding the kernel parameter: nomodeset to the kernel line and see whether that helps.

You can do it by hitting e when the grub menu appears.

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You cut to a guy with a brace on his nose who doesn’t talk! (Cut to the nose-brace student the first time we see him) NC: You know what? Mitchell: Well, I don’t have any stories, don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up, don’t care, just as long as I live near the beach and don’t have to wear a tie. (He pulls back the side of his hair to look cool) Aladdin (from Aladdin): I gotta be smooth, cool, confident.

(NC cuts to the nose-brace student briefly before we cut to Frodo clinging onto Samwise’s hand and the Eye of Sauron roaring in pain) NC: See? Now give me a movie with Seth Green and Jack Black to film! Did other schools do this during student introductions?

Incredible into some sort of horrific genetic mutation! (Cut to a different shot of the nose-brace student again, and he still says nothing) Teacher: OK, thank you, Rosenblatt.

NC: Good God, it’s like they put John Lennon, Carrot Top and Mrs. Augie: (gets up from his seat to stand next to Mitchell) I have a few things to say. (To the class) Does anyone here believe…this, uh, L.