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18 May

After polygamy was abolished, many Mormons, particularly in Utah, continued the tradition of having temple marriages, although it was by no means rare to get married outside the temple first, particularly by the 1940's and '50's when the church was gaining a great many new converts.

Very few of these converts would have considered excluding their non-member family and friends from sharing in their joy, even if they were worthy to enter the temple, so Mormon church weddings or weddings conducted by a Justice of the Peace were often the norm back then.

As the 1960's unfolded, American and European society increasingly promoted sexual promiscuity among the young.

The Church responded to this onslaught by teaching the youth the importance of keeping oneself unspotted from the sins of the world.

They could always go and get sealed in the temple later.

Few people thought there was anything wrong with them simply because they chose a church wedding first.

The temple is not the place for your fantasy wedding.For, hard as it may be to accept after decades of conditioning to the contrary, the idea that Mormons should be married openly and in a public place, with all their friends and family present, is a position firmly rooted in doctrine.Whereas on the other hand, the common credenda that if a couple doesn't get married in the temple first, they are somehow less worthy or lacking in the faith, is a recent tradition only a few decades old and wholly unsupported by scripture.Here it is: By all means, get yourselves sealed in the temple, especially if you lovebirds plan to stick it out for time and all eternity.But before you get sealed, do what the early latter-day Saints always did: get married first. The sealing is a priesthood ordinance, while a wedding is -and was always meant to be- a public celebration of your union.