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20 Apr

(probably Rebeccah) who came to this section of South Carolina sometime before 1774 (probably not long before, as we shall see later) and bought a farm on Padgetts Creek from Richard Kelly in that year.

Although Richard had deserted the Quaker faith, he was surely influenced in his actions by the tenets of that faith, one of which was friendliness with the Indians and another was opposition to slavery.

Reuben is shown as 35, wife, Sarah (Embree) 35, Henry Frank (m) 16, Mary (Hardin) (f) 14, Robert (m) 12, Albert (m) 12, (twins) William Martin (m) 9, Gibson (Reuben Gilbert) (m) 7, Sarah (Bothwell) (f) 4, Martha (Thomas) 2/12.The 1870 Census of Craighead County lists him and his family as himself, as head of the family, 36, born in Alabama; his wife Susan, 30, born in Alabama, Sarah F. Sarah Matilda, the last child of Silvanus and Janie, born February 1849, came to Prairie County probably with her parents in the early 70s and married Josh Davis but we dont know for sure nor do we know how long after her arrival was her marriage. One was the fact that his funeral was arranged by his son John Morris and grandsons Burl and Sidney who were members of the Mount Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church, established in 1871, whereas the Center Point Church was established in 1877 and may not have had its cemetery under way yet as the church was probably not fixed in its new site or had not started its cemetery.The preponderance of testimony seemed to be that it (the church) was organized by Elder William Patterson. When John Morris (Minton) and his two sons, Sylvanus Burl and Sidney Allen, moved from Old Austin to near Barrettsville they found themselves relatively near two existing churches, both to the west of them.(pounds) for 1000 A, and annual quit-rent of one shilling for every hundred acres they who could not advance the purchase money obtained their land on condition of their paying one penny annual rent for every acre.This incident supported by the incident cited above that Silvanus and Mc Donald were given their freedom to exercise their gifts provide strong evidence of a growing schism, which eventually broke the bonds of fellowship and caused the disruption that led to the location of a new church, four miles to the east.