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24 Jan

But there isn’t a good parent out there that isn’t also dealing with helping their kids connect to their roots and feel comfortable in a multicultural world.A counterbalance to the extra work involved in dual ethnic lessons and effort, is the bonus Mixed parents get from having kids who know instinctively what it means to blend and see many sides, to have a kid who is automatically able to cross ethnic lines when others can’t.They have found a great formula: show people acting their worst, their most outrageous, and people will watch.It's the same crap as other reality tv shows where they cast the personalities that will have the most conflict.So I hope the aliens watching watch more than our daytime TV because if they don’t their impression of us and our relationships will not for the most part be good.Wentworth Miller is probably most known for his starring role in the “Prison Break” TV series.If They were interested in helping ANY of their guests, race aside, they would not allow those people to act that way, and they'd have actual counselors trying to help them, not Maury saying his requisite "'re going to be in this baby's life if it's yours, right"? The black people that actually go on "Maury" for paternity tests are not typical.

And I guess I have to say that’s a good thing, even though one might take the large numbers of inter-ethnic relationships on shows featuring dysfunction to be a subtle message that such relationships are more often dysfunctional. I just think the producers of these shows want as much melodrama as they can get, and adding the inter-ethnic element adds more spice.Sometimes you just wonder, will our society and world ever get over and past racism, or judging people by their outer appearance.Obviously none of us can truly answer that question though there certainly are signs, like the increasing number of Mixed people out there, and cross-ethnic relationships, that give us hope that the day will indeed get here when we are beyond this racial silliness.You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill's secure site.Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment system.