Boob job dating

07 Mar

This brings us to my next point: Right, so here’s another way in which I really wasn’t very good at getting a boob job (who knew that you could be bad at being a cosmetic surgery patient? A sizing is when you meet with your chosen surgeon to discuss which size and type of implants you want.There’s high profile, low profile, round, anatomical (also known as teardrop) - and that’s before you even get STARTED on size. ’ ‘What’s the biggest implant size before we start moving into D-cup territory? ’ ‘Will these look as big once they’re under my tissue and muscle and not propped up in this fairly odd bra?The absolute best thing you can do is listen to your surgeon, follow their instructions to the letter, and simply raise any concerns or questions you have with them. Sleeping on your side or front can dislodge the implants before the scar tissue that holds them in place has formed, and you’ll end up with boobs up in yo’ armpits. My surgeon also told me to sleep propped up at a 45 degree angle for 2 weeks, which is hella uncomfortable and not exactly conductive to serious snoozing.In fact, screenshot this bit or something, because that’s the number one bit of advice that I wish someone had given me: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK ALL OF THE QUESTIONS. I ended up buying an angled ‘bed wedge’ off of the internet (imagine a big slice of cheese made out of foam) which actually saved my sanity – it was far easier than attempting to prop myself up with pillows.An initial consultation does not commit you to anything - it’s perfectly fine to say ‘thanks for the information, I’ll let you know if I want to proceed’, and then book appointments at every other cosmetic surgery within a 10 mile radius.So this is probably WHY I ended up booking my surgery with the first - and only - company I met with: they knew how to sell, sell, sell.Some girls had even shared pics of their results, so I could see first hand that he was - as one woman wrote - ‘an artist’.Once you start down the boob job path CCs - the unit of measurement used for implant size - will become your obsession.

Also keep in mind that it takes up to a year for everything to settle and for you to have your proper, final result.

What I wish I’d know then is that this is totally normal.

You’ll very quickly adapt to your new size, and it can be easy to forget what they were like before.

This was horribly uncomfortable, and less than 24 hours later I was having a crisis of confidence in my surgeon, partly thanks to an intense forum browsing session in which I discovered only 1 other person who was being subjected to a week of strapping. I thought I’d have a few aches similar to pre-menstrual boob pain - and be back at work in a couple of days. I think my blasé attitude towards recovery made it more of a shock too, and harder to deal with. Literally, I couldn’t roll over to get out of bed, because any tiny movement that caused my pectoral muscles flinch even 0.001 of a centimetre sent shooting agony throughout my chest.

It appeared that everyone else was either wearing a compression band (why didn’t I have one of those? Apparently some girls say they really don’t feel much pain after the op. I actually SCOFFED at my mum when she suggested I might like her to come and look after me for a week or so. Do not underestimate how much pain you will be in, because holy. My mum (who very kindly forgave me for earlier SCOFFING and arrived at my bedside like a wonderful angel) had to lift me out of bed like a little baby, while I whimpered… Basically my first 3 days post-surgery consisted of holding an ice pack to my boobs and a sort of low-level moaning slash crying. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m trying to prepare you – but just incase you’re now sobbing in terror, I will say this: by Day 4 I felt much more human. You can, and will, get though it if this is what you really want. Yes OK, the painkillers were obviously my number 1 go to guys, but nothing soothed those booblars quite like some ice.