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31 Jul

Justice, traditionally a slow process in the Middle East, appears to have moved at surprising speed in Jordan.

The man who supplied Ismail with the gun to shoot Hattar was sentenced to a year in jail.

Ismail, bearded and wearing brown prison clothes, had little to say when he appeared before the court.

And presumably nothing more to say when he was hanged at the Suaqa prison.

Their exodus is one of the epic tragedies of our times, one of the three great monotheist religions effectively torn from the soil of the Holy Land in which it was born; Egyptian Copts, Syrian Maronites, Iraqi Orthodox Christians, ripped apart, quite literally, in the attacks of the Islamists who treat them as crusaders, collaborators, apostates.

We welcome Christian refugees in the West because we feel they are “our” people, perhaps because we also suspect – the notion is ridiculous, of course – that Christianity is now a “Western” rather than an Eastern religion.

Hence I often find myself confronted by Armenian bishops or Catholic priests who beg the West to stop encouraging their flock to leave the Middle East – since they will only drown in a “sea of secularism” in Europe and America. Almost exactly a year ago, the 56-year-old Jordanian Arab Christian journalist Nahed Hattar was assassinated in the very centre of Amman by an Islamist “well known” to the security authorities (as we like to say in Britain) as Hattar prepared to defend himself against Jordanian government charges of “incitement”.

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They took very seriously the king’s promise to set up an official enquiry into Hattar’s murder.The family also intend, they say, to take the case of his murder to the International Court, for they claim that the government itself was involved in his killing.And they fear that even the promise of King Abdullah – who paid a personal visit of condolence to the family after Hattar’s murder and said that he would set up a commission of enquiry into the killing – has not been kept by the government.Day 12-13: Read one article per day on prayer to expand your understanding.First read "Change the Way You Talk to God." The next day read, "Fresh Air." Use the provided questions to reflect on the way you currently pray. You'll start a journal to consider how God shows up in your life through everyday moments.