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24 Feb

Not many countries can offer beaches, mountains, rainforests and deserts on one visit.These distinct regions offer something for everyone - that's why most Intrepid tours operate all year round.

The decline of the Incas began some time around 1532, with the arrival of Spanish colonisers, civil war and the devastating smallpox virus contributing to the instability of the once-great empire.

June, July and August are considered the driest months in the highlands and Amazon basin and are optimal for hiking and river journeys.

However, even during the rainy season in the Amazon, the rains only fall for a few hours at a time.

Home to a diverse range of landscapes, Peru can lay claim to parts of the Amazon Basin, Andean mountain range and Lake Titicaca as well as areas of tropical savanna, desert, cloud forest, mangroves and beaches.

Peru's major cities are decidedly colonial, with historic buildings from the colonial era sitting alongside newer constructions.