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06 Nov

They drive the plot, and Hansen never knows exactly where that plot is going to take him.

Before the unexpected series of events that began yesterday afternoon, for example, Hansen had no intention of ever being here, outside this house, waiting for a SWAT team on an overcast Sunday afternoon.

Schrack had assumed so many different identities during the last few days that he had to actually pause a few moments before in order to quiz himself on some of the vital stats of his newest alias to make sure he didn't screw anything up.

In the empty home of neighbors who are paying me to walk their dogs while they're away visiting an elderly relative.

He is a man so proper, so predictable, that when he occasionally dons a colored shirt, the modest color jolts the eyes of his friends, who are unaccustomed to seeing him in anything other than solid white.

Just outside, hidden in a moving van, there were at least a half dozen more people -- local city cops, the so-called Takedown Team -- all armed and ready to spring at a moment's notice.

A couple of months ago, when Schrack showed up at an audition at the NBC studios in Burbank, California, he hadn't really known what he was getting himself into.

The cameraman zooms in past the cop to the patio area beyond, to a lattice of firewood and the blur of something green. While the shot of this particular wheelbarrow is superfluous to the television program being filmed here today and will be edited out along with most of the rest of this raw footage, there happens to be a story about the man inside the house in which a wheelbarrow plays a much more prominent role.

The story begins more than two decades ago, at a party in another house not far from this one.