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12 Sep

Online dating, for all its faults and critiques, has become one of the most popular ways Americans find love.One awesome side effect of this is that we now have access to a realm of data that has never been available before — how people talk, interact, and communicate prior to entering a relationship.The right opportunities at the right time, a solid business plan, qualified and competent human resource, highly efficient systems in place and so forth.But there is something else too; a key ingredient that not only assures growth but which clearly differentiates a company from its competitors.Butt links this self-purpose creation to corporate social responsibility too.

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That's fascinating, and also could be an explanation — men sending a lot more messages than women — for the disparity.

And one thing that should be worrisome for straight men is the size of their disadvantage in the market.

Josh Fischer is the Director of Product Insights at What does this mean?

Butt aptly defines entrepreneurship as identifying an opportunity, creating the resources and managing the risk.

Bold decisions is what he feels are required for success.