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08 Jun

PRETENDING that she has had an orgasm just to make you happy? Have you ever been in a relationship where the sex happened often and was enjoyable in the early days, but then it got boring and happened less often as the relationship progressed…maybe it even got to the point where you and your woman only had sex when YOU asked for it, or she only had sex with you when you did something else for her first? Have you used sex advice from magazines, books or television, only to find out that the advice DIDN'T work when you used it? Have you ever worried that a woman - be it your girlfriend, fiancée or wife - is going to CHEAT ON YOU…And here’s why I can say that to you with total confidence…I’d like to take a second to introduce myself to you.My name is Adam Armstrong and I am a pretty normal guy.Better In Bed is an e Book, so it will be instantly available for you to download after you have paid for it.And because it's an e Book, they'll be no shipping charges - nice. If you don't have this - don't worry - it's a FREE download).These beliefs are known as limiting beliefs - in this case they limit a man from ever being a really GOOD LOVER.And some or all of these beliefs almost definitely apply to you too, as they did to me a few years ago.

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The truth is that none of these things were the reasons as to why I wasn't a great lover.

The mainstream magazines and the majority of books offering sex advice for men provided information that was weak at best.

I wondered how many of the authors of these magazine articles and books had ever given their women a night of extreme pleasure? Luckily, after much searching I eventually came across some seriously good books and articles, written by men who really did understand how to please women.

I don’t have a massive ‘tool’, I'm not wildly good looking, I'm not very tall and I don’t have super powers that allow me to go for hours in bed.

Yet in spite of this, I have figured out EXACTLY what it takes to be an incredible lover and I specialise in giving women sexual experiences that BLOW THEIR MINDS.