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08 Jun

The Vorovsky Mir (“thieves in law”) were formed in the gulags of Soviet Russia as collections of thieves, bandits, and murderers who banded together for mutual protection.

They had little love for the short-sighted and brutal regime that created them, and in a kind of wacky echo of the Communist ideal, they created their own criminal code that they each vowed to uphold.

It only took a few of these ladies working together to practically strip a store clean of clothing, jewelry, and other loot during a shoplifting spree.

The gang operated from some point after the late 1700s right up until the 1950s, mostly targeting areas around London.

Some people call such groups of young, violent men a symbol of social decay as the modern world of video games, violent movies, and music eats away at our values—but we’ve had gangs like this for a long time. They were stylishly dressed, looking like old-timey French hipsters with fancy, striped shirts and berets, creating their own distinct style that would catch on and end up becoming popular in Bohemian circles.

But they weren’t just fashion victims—they could actually fight.

And although it was the Mafia who would later go on to popularize the image of the Italian gangster in an expensive designer suit, it was the Five Points gang that was the first to require that all members dressed sharply.

They rose to prominence as the worst gang in New York, and possibly the whole of America, with even the Mafia poaching members from them.

After a delegation of Native Americans arrived in London to visit the Queen, they created such a stir that a youth gang was formed in their honor who called themselves “mohocks.” They assaulted people at night, slashing and disfiguring their faces, cutting their noses off with knives, beating people up, and even stuffing women into barrels and rolling them down hills.But it’s not like the Apaches needed martial arts to protect themselves: they had a very specialized weapon that would make James Bond jealous.The Apache pistol also functioned as a knife and folded into a pair of brass knuckles.One of the voters unfortunate enough to receive this treatment was Edgar Allen Poe, who turned ill a few days later and died.They also fought with volunteer firefighters for control of fire hydrants during fires, causing bloody riots while houses burned to the ground. The Kabukimono (“crazy ones”) are what became of lordless samurai who formed into drunken gangs of what can only be described as feudal Japanese glam rockers.