Who is jon gosselin dating

14 Aug

Well, that may no longer be the case if Jon Gosselin has any say in the matter — because we're hearing he's seeking joint custody!

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When Kate Gosselin gave birth to sextuplets 12 years ago — on top of the twins she already had — she effectively signed the rest of her life away to raising those eight kids on camera. She had to pay for that many mouths to feed somehow!

Unfortunately for the matriarch, being a mom is already a pretty thankless job…

It didn't take long before the skeletons in the closet of Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, were revealed.

It didn't help that Cara, Mady, and Hannah all actively didn't want to be stuck with her, though… Ch-ch-check out the highlight of Tuesday night's recently, but at least she knows where all eight kids are at the moment.

Meanwhile back at the Gosselin abode in Wernersville, Pa., Kate Gosselin was spotted running errands while still wearing her wedding ring on Tuesday.

Kate Gosselin is putting herself out there again—and how!

That's because in Tuesday night's all-new , the mother-of-eight flat out refuses to take part in a casual family helicopter crash simulation — Ya know, on second thought… Video: Jon Gosselin Says He Hasn't Seen Collin In 1.5 Years!

Kate Gosselin may be famous for being the world's busiest helicopter parent, but that's about where her association with the aircraft stops.