Denture wearers dating site

28 Jul

Most people don’t want anyone to know that they wear false teeth, and among the biggest fears about dating is that a potential new partner will immediately know and be put off by dentures. Let’s take the most common questions and try to answer them.

It’s impossible to guarantee that your date won’t know you have false teeth.

Denturist Association of British Columbia Packed with info on all sorts of dentures, and on denturists. Ask Doctor Spiller This excellent dentistry website also has lots of information on dentures, for example why you should replace your denture every 5 to 7 years, information about different types of dentures (including immediate dentures), denture relines, mini-implant supported dentures, and more! Denture stomatitis (thrush) Information on how to prevent and deal with yeast infection (thrush).

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