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07 Nov

Upon finishing school Amish girls work at home or sometimes get outside jobs until they marry and start keeping a home of their own.

Social Amish Customs Amish social traditions contribute greatly to the retention rate of more than eighty percent.

Each individual church regularly reviews and if needed, revises their Ordnung to handle changing circumstances.

When Amish are faced with advances in technology and lifestyles of the outside world, they must decide how they are to deal with these changes. Will these changes threaten their Amish way of life?

For example, there were no rules prohibiting cars or electricity in 1850 because at that time, those things didn't exist.

How can the Amish address the changing world around them?

After church, on Sunday evening the young people stay for the “Sunday night singing”.Many years ago I played in a softball league that included several teams made up of Amish teenagers and young men. This struck me odd behavior for a group of conservative Amish men.Between games I asked one of the young players how they decided whether or not to join the church.He told me that in many cases, if the girl you wanted to marry was Amish, you joined the church.Though I hadn't heard of the term at that time, these Amish guys must have been going through a stage called Rumspringa (Pennsylvania Dutch for “running around”).